Murdoch's Aspirations and
Pathways for University Project

Developing sustainable programs that will grow the number of eligible, willing and able students to attend university.

Murdoch’s Aspirations and Pathways for University (MAP4U) Project builds on existing relationships with High Schools in the Rockingham, Kwinana and Mandurah/Peel areas to support creative and site-specific initiatives to promote aspirations and pathways for higher education and learning. The following four programs, funded by the Federal Government, are designed and developed at the school level.

Program 1

Building Academic Aspirations and Achievement

Engage > Motivate > Aspire - Supporting programs in schools that target student, family and community aspiration building. Examples include “Inspire” programs for students who passionately want to pursue their interests, engage in learning and map a pathway to further their studies at university.

Program 2

Innovative Curriculum and Pedagogy

Using innovative curricula and pedagogy to improve academic achievement of young people and link them to higher education. Examples include Creative Arts initiatives where academics and professional actors work with students to produce a short film; and Environmental Science initiatives where the beach becomes a research space.

Program 3

Big Picture Academy (BPA)

Big Picture students search the world for good learning. They have the opportunity to work in a community, to follow their passions, find mentors and create powerful learning. Interested schools will develop a Big Picture Academy to operate within the school.

Program 4

University Enabling Programs

A range of preparation and bridging courses designed to provide pathways to university through WACE courses, VET programs and alternative entry/enabling programs. These enabling programs are for High School students who are not following, or did not achieve, an ATAR pathway to university. The Rockingham and Peel Campuses of Murdoch University host these programs as do most universities.

Working Together

Schools develop a Compact with MAP4U to achieve the desired outcomes for their students. Collaborative impact evaluations will lead to more effective programs, greater learning opportunities, and better knowledge of what works.

MAP4U wants to see and support:

  1. More High School students applying to university, via ATAR, Portfolios, Alternate pathways and TAFE/VET
  2. More High School students meeting the English requirement for university entry.
  3. High Schools running sustainable, innovative programs, which encourage their students to aspire to university.
  4. Schools building aspirations and academic achievement so more students see university as a desirable and achievable pathway.

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